who we are

Doon International School Jammu is a branch of DIS Dehradun that has been successfully educating the future citizens of the society for the last 25 years. DIS Jammu is a co-educational school run by registered educational, non-commercial society.

The medium of instruction is English and the school aims at equipping the students with integrity, compassion, courage and determination to face the challenges of the modern world. The school is registered with the CBSE board and is currently imparting education to the students for kindergarten to class X.

The school is well equipped with modern teaching tools, Playstations and activity rooms for the kindergarten. Modern and well-equipped labs for Science, Computer, Math and English language teaching make the learning process delight for the students for class I to X with the team of very competitive faculty.

What we do

The DIS Jammu curriculum model represents the school’s commitment to optimize teaching and learning with a multidimensional child-centric approach which is both interactive and pragmatic. Through a stimulating and innovative curriculum, in a conducive environment, the institution enables the learner to explore multiple dimension of excellence, encompassing intellectual, social, emotional, physical, moral and spiritual development. There is equal emphasis on academic rigour and engagements beyond the classroom through a wide spectrum of opportunities.

Partners In Dream


    As a parent, you are the first teacher and the most important influence on your child’s growth and attitude towards learning. At DIS we always emphasize the strengthening of the homeschool connection that will inculcate a value system in your child; enhance his/her learning capacity and pace, and equip him/her with abundant life skills from an early age. That is why we consider parents as partners keeping the three-way communication channel open between parent, the taught and the mentor.


    We as mentors, in whose care parents place their child’s early learning take things forward; wearing various hats on the way; that of a guide, facilitator, friend and most often of a parent and remain with them at every step on the way by facilitating new experiences and opening new windows of the new world to them. Our mentors create gardens in their classrooms and grow love, hope, learning and joy believing the child as the nucleus of the entire teaching-learning process.


    To develop as responsible individuals and engaged citizens, the children need to contribute to the community and address global challenges. For this; the community plays a vital role as the children learn a lot from the society where they live in along with their friends. We understand the diverse learning needs of the children and so provide a platform for the positive exposure with the community through field trips, undertaking social initiatives, sharing current affairs and arranging interaction and exchange programmes with experts and institutions to enrich them with diverse experiences.