Awards and Achievements of Doon International School Jammu

Awards received by the Principal:

  1. Arch of International Education Excellence Award Bangkok by Global Achievers  Foundation.
  2. Best Educationist Award at Delhi by International Business Council.
  3. 'National Super 100 Intellectuals' Award presented by the Chancellor of CT University in collaboration with Wednesday Times Magazine.
  4. Progressive Educator Award by CED Foundation in collaboration with Touch Magazine.

School Awards:

  1. Best Private School in Jammu by Times Cyber Media.
  2. Best Sports Education & Academic Excellence Award by Brainfeed Magazine.
  3. National Teachers Excellence Award by CED Foundation.
  4. Upcoming School in CBSE Award conferred in the North Education Summit.
  5. Best Innovative School Award by CED Foundation and Touch Education Magazine.
  6. Most Socially Active School Award by National School Awards Organisation.
  7. Best Happiness Quotient Index Award by Brainfeed Magazine.
  8.  Among top 50 CBSE Schools Award
  9. Innovative Teachers of Doon International School Jammu bestowed with Prestigious National Education Excellence Award in various categories by CED.