From The Principal's Desk

As a leader, I have always wished and prayed to the Almighty 'Not for the lighter load but for the strong shoulders'.

It gives me proud privilege and immense delight to extend my heartfelt gratification to all those who have put forward their trust in Doon International School where unrelenting effort goes in mentoring and metamorphosing the uncut diamonds into finer and precious 'DIS Gems'. Doon International School is an amalgamation of competent staff, idyllic learning ambience, highly skillful and illustrious administration, modern yet secure infrastructure, pastoral care and 'pollutio-libero' environment. I believe that if on one hand the unfathomable mind of youth needs to explore their capabilities, discover new ideologies and understand the relevance of reaching out globally; on the other hand, the tender minds of the children need to be dealt with care and precision. Indeed 'A leader is born with the birth of every child'. The only need is to provide an enabling environment, careful nurturing and springboard for meaningful blossoming and effective use of unbound talents. We must intend to fill this void for young minds to unleash their unparalleled and innovative ideas. Doon International School is an edifice of learning with designated goal of 'Stretching the mind beyond the obvious'. We believe in rising like the 'Phoenix' from the 'Ashes' of what was 'Yesterday' and to soar with invisible wings widespread into the opportunities of 'Tomorrow'. Our selfless and relentless efforts and 'Quest for Excellence' adds a new leaf to grandeur of Doon International School.

We have stepped into a world where academic excellence as well as robust physique and pure mindset is our foremost priority. We intend to equip our children with a deep sense of justice, indomitable spirit of determination, unshaken faith in human values, unconditional concern of our surroundings and positive life skills in abundance to face the challenges of life with a broad smile.

I wish to have incessant assistance and cooperation from our parents, teachers as well as children to display a concerted array of responsibilities and commitment so that we work together in making the 'Years to come' witness greater heights of glory and success.

'Together we aim for 'Esprit de corps'. '

Warm Regards,
Dr.Vikesh Kaur
(Principal, Doon International School, Jammu)