Admission Process at DIS

Admission to DIS itself is a proud privilege not only for the child but also for the parent and for the school too. Admission in DIS is based strictly on merit. The registration can be done w.e.f. the last week of December. Registration forms will be available at the school office enclosed with this school prospectus. All the requirements mentioned in the registration form must be strictly followed. Candidates found eligible after the ‘Aptitude Test’ and the interview will be granted admission subject to the availability of the seats. As proposed by the Education authorities, the minimum age at the time of admission to various classes should ordinarily be:

Nursery 3+
LKG 4+
UKG 5+
Class 1 6+
Class 2 7+
Class 3 8+
Class 4 9+
Class 5 10+
Class 6 11+
Class 7 12+
Class 8 13+
Class 9 14+
Class 10 15+
Class 11 16+
Class 12 17+

After the child has qualified the ‘Aptitude Test’ and the Interview and the admission has been granted, the parents must immediately deposit the necessary fees as per the statement of fees of the school; failing which the offer of the admission may be communicated to the next eligible candidate. The mandatory documents to be submitted at the time of admission are:

Birth Certificate (In Original)

Transfer Certificate of last School (In Original)

Marks Sheet of last attended School (Photocopy)

Aadhar Card of teh Child (Photocopy)

Bank Account Copy in the name of Child (Photocopy)